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TUNA OG KUSH - Hybrid (AAA) - 1 G

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TUNA OG KUSH - Hybrid (AAA) - 1 OZ

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Tuna OG (or Tuna OG Kush) is a 50/50 hybrid cross of OG Kush and Black Tuna. This strain’s robust potency and strong one-two punch to the body and mind make it ideal for seasoned cannabis consumers. The loud terpene profile is also something to take note of which consists of an overwhelming skunk aroma with intermittent floral and earthy notes.

The buds express rusty red hairs and deep emerald greens that make the mouth water when coupled with the strain’s intoxicating aroma. Remember to mind your dosage while enjoying tuna og strain, as its strong effects will overwhelm even the most seasoned cannabis consumer.

Fans of Tuna Kush say they’ve experienced a relaxation similar to feeling filled with sand. Couch-lock is a possible effect according to some, while others enjoy Tuna OG weed for its cerebral enhancement. According to users, the mind will wander in a dream-like state and this could be a fun exploratory experience when taking a walk or relaxing before bed.

THC levels tend to average between 16% to 18% for Tuna OG Kush. It descends as a phenotype of the popular Hindu Kush and has an average flowering time of 60 to 70 days for the Tuna OG seeds.

Tuna OG Effects

Tuna OG marijuana induces energetic, giggly, happy, aroused, and talkative feelings. It may also help relieve medical symptoms like eye pressure and muscle spasms. You may get dry eyes, dry mouth and paranoia as possible temporary side effects when overdosing on the Black Tuna OG strain.

May Help Relieve Depression

Users of the Tuna OG kush strain have reported improvements in conditions such as depression, insomnia, anxiety, chronic pain, and fatigue.

According to Tuna OG strain review studies and testimonials, the strain is effective in providing relief from life’s daily stresses and is known to have only one strain parent.

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