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If you are interested to buy twisted extracts online in Canada, then this is the right place for you, we are the best source of buying twisted extracts gummies or caramels. Every candy is evenly dosed and crafted with the maximum quality specifications. Twisted Extracts’ mission would be to present safe, stable edibles to everyone from medical cannabis people to recreational people.

Twisted Extracts
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About Twisted Extracts Brand

Twisted Extracts is a renowned name in the cannabis edibles market, founded by a team of cannabis and confectionery experts in 2015. They gained prominence as the original creators of Jelly Bombs, setting a standard for quality and consistency in the industry.

Committed to their goal to “enrich the quality of life of all their customers,” Twisted Extracts offers a range of cannabis and CBD products designed for both recreational and medicinal use.

What sets Twisted Extracts apart is their dedication to quality and precision. All their products are infused and never sprayed, ensuring accurate and consistent dosages with every use.

With a hands-on approach, they maintain close relationships with their growing community, overseeing the process from seed to final product. This meticulous attention extends to their selection of premium flowers, used to produce high-quality concentrates for their edibles.

Whether it’s their pure Sativa and Indica-infused products or their CBD variants made from pure CBD isolate, Twisted Extracts guarantees a consistent and enjoyable experience every time, thanks to their unwavering commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

Best Online Store to Buy Twisted Extracts Edibles in Canada

BudsandBeyond is a great place for you to buy twisted extracts online. Twisted Extracts detaches the very desirable attributes of the cannabis plant with a proprietary ISO mining. Once their cannabis oil is crafted, every single batch of candies is fully infused to ensure uniform dosing. The outcome is tasty and productive edibles you can rely on.

Our Potency lab tests ensure appropriate dosing for all of Budsandbeyond’s Twisted extract edibles, oils, and other associated products. We also provide CBD edibles and oil concentrates for THC-free users.

Budsandbeyond believes every Canadian who wants Twisted Extracts products deserves simple access to them. Hence we can deliver Twisted Extracts edibles safely online whether you live in Toronto, Vancouver, or Halifax.

High Quality Twisted Extracts Canada

At BudsAndBeyond, you are assured of high-quality twisted extracts products because they are sourced by working in close contiguity with local growers. The chief of twisted extracts wanted to create a cannabis Edible that was easy to dose. Some experimentation at a home-based cooking area and some nicely received feedback from loved ones members and close friends; she decided to make Twisted Extracts so other people could benefit from the dependable and readily dosed cannabis edible.

Because its start in 2015, Twisted Extracts has increased by a Team of two to twenty-five. Today they continue to appreciate what they do and do it with fire. The group urged precisely the Exact core worth because day 1 and therefore are Excited to evolve using the industry as it changes.

Different Form of Twisted Extracts


The Twisted Extracts Original Jelly Bomb gummies established this brand in the cannabis community. These sweet, delicious, easy-to-dose canna confections are known for packing an energetic punch with consistent dosing. These fully infused edibles come in Indica, Sativa, and CBD varieties and have delicious fruity flavors.

But don’t just stop at thesetwisted extracts gummies! Twisted Extracts Cara-Melts, a creamy, buttery caramel candy with the same high-quality Cannabis oil as the Jelly Bomb, are a treat too. So carry one of these tiny delights in your handbag or pocket to discreetly dose-on-the-go.


Twisted Extracts Oil Drops are the most convenient means to include cannabis into your everyday routine if you value versatility and accessibility. These oil drops, created with pure & premium cannabis extract and natural oil, have endless benefits. To completely experience cannabis’ therapeutic benefits, refill a vape cartridge, infuse your meals and drinks, or apply straight to the skin.

Frequently Ask Questions:

What are Twisted Extracts?

Twisted Extracts are popular with folks who desire the advantages of cannabis without being seen. They’re popular with folks who seek weed’s advantages without smoking or vaping.

How are twisted extracts different from other cannabis edibles?

Twisted extracts, unlike other cannabis-based meals, always contain the same THC. Users can manage their intake and mood since each treat has the same quantity of THC or CBD. This makes them desirable to consumers who desire a consistent cannabis experience.

What types of Twisted Extract products are available?

Twisted Extracts offers several products for diverse tastes. They offer several candy varieties, from cherry and grape to mango and pineapple. Cara-Melts are a discreet and enjoyable way for busy individuals to utilise cannabis. Jelly bombs make it entertaining and yummy.

How long does it take for twisted extracts to take effect?

Twisted extracts start at varied times depending on metabolism, intestinal contents, and tolerance. Results are generally felt 30 minutes to 2 hours after taking it. Start with a tiny quantity and wait quietly for the effects before adding more.

What is the recommended dosage for twisted extracts?

Beginners should start low and progress gradually with dosage. Starting with 5–10 mg of THC is ideal for cannabis beginners. Users may then gradually increase their dosage as required, monitoring their body’s response.

How should I store twisted extracts to maintain freshness?

Properly storing twisted extracts keeps them fresh and effective. Keep them cold, dark, and away from direct sunshine, heat, and moisture. Resealable containers or bags that keep air and moisture out may help preserve product quality.

Can I mix different Twisted Extract products together?

Most individuals don’t recommend mixing Twisted Extracts products, particularly if they’re new to cannabis or don’t know how to use them. When mixing products, it’s impossible to discern their power, and you may obtain unwanted outcomes. We recommend taking each product separately and waiting between doses to understand how they perform properly.