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If you are looking for high-quality THC and CBD candies, try Ganja edibles. These homemade edible candies come in a variety of flavors. There is no distillate; you get full-spectrum edibles.

Ganja Edibles
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You experience an intense high when the Terpenes from the marijuana plant and the cannabinoids interact due to the type of strain and candy used. These THC and CBD-infused gummies and baked edibles are available as delicious THC and CBD chocolate bars.

They contain weed and dark and milk chocolate bar. Both the THC and CBD chocolate bars are crafted to perfection and lab tested for cannabinoid and terpene levels. Each Ganja candy that you buy in Canada can be trusted for accuracy and dosage.

Why Choose Ganja Edibles?

  • Lab Testing: To ensure you get the best quality ingredients in all our products, we have them lab-tested
  • NSF Food Safe: These Ganja Edibles are hand-crafted in an NSF – Compliant Unit. The entire staff has Food Safe Certifications. They are trained in handling THC products.
  • Fresh: You are guaranteed fresh stuff whenever you order Ganja Edibles. We start the cooking process in the kitchen once the order is received.
  • Master Chef: The Master Chef who creates Ganja Edibles is a European-trained culinary expert. He has specialized in baking and confectionaries. He has 6 years of rigorous experience in the kitchen in Germany. He has worked in the top kitchens throughout Europe.
  • Quality Ingredients: You get superior-quality ingredients whether you order Belgian Chocolates or Top-tier flavors from Lorann.