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The best sativa strains in Canada that are homegrown are supplied by BudsAndBeyond. The Sativa strains of marijuana are popular because they provide an experience that is psychologically stimulating. Pure Sativa strains increase in-depth thought, self-analysis, as well as internal reflection.

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Sometimes CBD Sativa strains heighten your senses, which, for example, allows you to experience colour more vividly. Also, Sativa CBD strains may cause an intense experience for those who are not accustomed to it.Sativa bud strains are more often used by recreational users rather than medical users since Sativa has a much higher THC content when compared to CBD. The healing traits of CBD are more effective when found in Indica strains, however.

Even though medical users generally lean towards the Indica or hybrid strains, it is true that Sativa strains also offer a host of medical benefits.
Sativa strains are used recreationally because they bolster a social experience as well as provide an energy boost. It is common with the use of this strain that people find themselves hyperactive or talkative, which may lead to a lot of fun in a social setting. Sativa is also used by artists and other creatives because they can jump-start inspiration and boost creativity.

The best Sativa strains are those that accentuate a better social or creative experience.BudsAndBeyond offers a wide range of products from which you can find something for every taste. If you life fruit-like aromas or are a particular fan of slightly sour lemon flavour, we have got you covered.

Do not be overwhelmed if you find Sativa strains, which have so far remained unknown to you because a product description is provided along with each product to let you know everything you should know. When you buy Sativa strains online, you should make sure that you read the product description carefully so that you order exactly what you want.

Effects of Sativa Weed

Pure Sativa strains are used during the day since the energy and the functional high they provide do not cause problems when performing complex tasks. Whether you’re playing music, writing, or painting, Sativa leads to higher productivity.

Try Sativa CBD strains to enjoy benefits like a sense of peace, better focus, higher energy, and uplifted mood. However, these effects are not guaranteed, and different Sativa strains can have varying effects. Before you try a strain, it is advisable to consult a budtender to find out which strain is right for you.

Medical Uses

While marijuana is the most popular choice for most users, Sativa is a close second, and you get the same benefits as marijuana. The stimulating and uplifting effects of pure Sativa strains are why medical marijuana users take them all day.

Be careful with Indica weed since it might make you feel lazy, too relaxed, or sometimes antisocial in public. However, there are no such problems with Sativa – you feel alert and sociable with it.

Negative Effects

Like any other form of cannabis, Sativa CBD strains have side effects too. They may cause paranoia, disorientation, or dizziness. It is advisable, therefore, to check the THC level of the strain you are presently consuming. Higher THC content compared to CBD is what causes these side effects.

Consuming pure Sativa strains in high doses can cause cottonmouth and dry eyes. As a precaution, keep some refreshments handy to avoid any problems. Slowly scale your consumption of Sativa by starting with a lower dose and see how you feel before trying a higher dose. Whether you are smoking Sativa or having it as an edible, take this route of slowly increasing your dose to avoid any adverse effects.