BLACK LEMON – Sativa (AA+)
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BLACK LEMON – Sativa (AA+)


THC: 21%

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BLACK LEMON - Sativa (AA+) - 1 OZ

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BLACK LEMON - Sativa (AA+) - 14 G

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BLACK LEMON - Sativa (AA+) - 7 G

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BLACK LEMON - Sativa (AA+) - 3.5 G

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BLACK LEMON - Sativa (AA+) - 1 G

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Purchase The Black Lemon Strain In Canada

The Black Lemon strain is a Sativa-heavy hybrid created by crossing the Limonet Haze and Black strains. The Black Lemon weed strain has high THC and low CBD levels, which amplify the psychotropic effects on consumption.

It does not have much of a notable or distinct fragrance, but on the bright side, it does not reek of earthy, pungent smells either. The primary scent of this Black Lemon marijuana strain is that of dried thyme, which gives it an aroma that has notes of lemon in it.

However, despite the mellow fragrance, once you break open the buds and smoke them, a strong scent of ammonia spreads across the room. The high is complex in nature and brings on a feeling of euphoria, increased focus, and creative and social energy before slowly diminishing in strength into a deep sense of physical relaxation.

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1 G, 3.5 G, 7 G, 14 G, 1 OZ

4 reviews for BLACK LEMON - Sativa (AA+)


4 reviews for BLACK LEMON – Sativa (AA+)

  1. Connie Gomez

    This strain is the real deal. A delightful mix of flavors and effects. It’s now one of my all-time favorites.

  2. Christopher

    Black Lemon is a unique strain. The flavor is intriguing, and it provides a balanced, mellow high. Worth trying if you’re into hybrids.

  3. Hannah

    The balance of Super Lemon Haze is perfect, like this product. Ordering again soon!

  4. Evelyn Morin

    I bought this and made some budder with it. Relaxation and buzz in the entire body, as well as mental focus and control.

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