What is CBD Tea?

CBD (cannabidiol) tea can be defined as a combination of herbs, which are beneficial for your health, and CBD. The combination has been created so that you can enjoy said benefits the best. These days, teas that are processed to include CBD use hemp oil.

However, we wanted to provide you a better experience – a tea that was more bioavailable and a lot more effective. This is why we created the water-soluble CBD that dissolves when you put hot water in it.

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Why Should You Use CBD Tea?

A lot of people buy hemp tea as it helps them against various ailments. If you consume CBD tea you would not feel any stress, pain, and anxiety as they would just disappear. This way you would be calmer and you would be able to relax a lot better as well. This way, you would be able to sleep a lot better as well.

Does CBD Tea work?

With a potent combination of herbs and cannabidiol, CBD tea in Canada has a lot to offer cannabis users like you. Their teas work very well, according to their clients.

Health is an investment, and the company, Buddha Teas, ensures that you get the required return on investment. All their products guarantee a highly-potent CBD that is organic, effective, and of the best quality.

Is your CBD Tea Tested?

Consumers of hemp have not complained of any side effects in the past one thousand years. However, to be on the safer side, companies selling CBD recommend that users should be at least 18 years of age.

Is CBD safe for children?

Laboratories are equipped to test simple formulations, not complex formulations like herbal tea products. This cannabis tea in Canada is tested at Buddha Teas’ specialty labs. All products undergo routine evaluation for quality control to ensure they meet what is claimed. You can also request an updated COA.

Do you offer CBD Tea wholesale?

Yes, you can get CBD tea online on a wholesale basis. You can get more information by clicking on ‘contact us’ to learn about our distribution and wholesale programs.

Is Your CBD Tea Organic?

Yes, our tea is 100% certified as organic. The hemp used for the CBD has not received the organic certification, but the farm practicing organic farming can get the certification after 4 years. The latest rules say that a farm should be producing hemp organically.