MOTA – CBD Sour Squares (300mg CBD)


300mg CBD per pack

20mg CBD per candy

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Purchase Mota CBD Sour Squares In Canada

MOTA has become one of Canada’s most preferred THC edibles due to its high quality and convenient availability at any mail order site. With the ever-increasing popularity of THC Sour Squares, MOTA has launched the CBD Sour Squares, which come infused with the goodness of CBD and not THC.

Owing to this, you can now enjoy all health benefits from CBD in a savory sour edible and not get high. You get 15 assorted gummies in each bag of Mota CBD Sour Squares covered in a tasty sour/sweet-sour sugar. Every square has 20mg CBD for a total of 300mg.

CBD benefits soreness, muscle pain, chronic pain, stress, sleep disorders, and anxiety. Many people wish to try edibles and enjoy their health benefits without getting high. Regular cannabis edibles contain THC, which gets you high, something which is unlikely with CBD.

Mota extracts only the CBD and infuses them in their mota sour squares, providing health benefits without getting people high.

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