GREEN CRACK – Sativa (B)

THC: 15% – 25%

Organically Grown Outdoor in the Okanagan region of BC


(13 customer reviews)
3.5 G
GREEN CRACK - Sativa (B) - 3.5 G

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1 G
GREEN CRACK - Sativa (B) - 1 G

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1 OZ
GREEN CRACK - Sativa (B) - 1 OZ

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14 G
GREEN CRACK - Sativa (B) - 14 G

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7 G
GREEN CRACK - Sativa (B) - 7 G

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Renowned for its optimal energizing properties, Green Crack is an exquisite Sativa strain. Unlike the name suggests, it is refined cannabis. Not many strains hold can compete with Green Crack’s premium focus and energy properties. It induces a mental buzz, helping you get through the day. Offering a fruity, tangy flavor with a mango-esque taste, Green Crack is an ideal daytime strain to fight stress, depression, and fatigue.

The strain provides a focus-rich, invigorating high, making it suitable for daytime consumption. Originally named Cush, the popular Sativa was rebranded as Green Crack Strain by Snoop Dogg himself. The music sensation believed the name suited it better due to the mental focus it provides.

What do Green Sativa Strains Do?

Green Crack strain offers quality high but with nuance effects and no couch-locked experience. Loved by cannabis fans, Green Crack BC helps them stay rejuvenated throughout the day. Its tangy and fruity flavor resembles juicy mangoes. To eradicate any misconception regarding its name, it’s also called Green Cush. Regardless of the name, the strain is available at Budsandbeyond and is the go-to daytime strain to fight stress, fatigue, and gloom.

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1 G, 3.5 G, 7 G, 14 G, 1 OZ

13 reviews for GREEN CRACK - Sativa (B)


13 reviews for GREEN CRACK – Sativa (B)

  1. Ava MacDonald

    Green Crack has helped me in my search for something that works to relieve my pain.

  2. Cammie Sanford (verified owner)

    Great smoke

  3. Jamieottawa (verified owner)

    Love this green, love to wake and bake gives me awake energy, love the feeling it gives you, just good vibes.

    Definitely in my top 3.

  4. Ivan

    Green crack is the best strain for anxiety.

  5. Michael Marceau (verified owner)

    LIGHTNING FAST DELIVERY to Niagara, Ontario.

    Exquisite Sativa!



  6. Camilla Sanford (verified owner)

    Excellent smoke , fast shipping!

  7. Stacey Flewelling (verified owner)

    Green Crack is easily in my top 3 favourite strains. The euphoria you get from this strain is only equally matched with its offspring: God’s Green Crack (Which is my #1 favourite strain).

    I highly, HIGHLY recommend this strain. It smells wonderful, smokes great, and tastes yummy.

    You should definitely have this strain in your collection! <3

  8. samuel.tremblay35


  9. Paul Light (verified owner)

    Aptly named. Hints of cedar and pine on the nose. Smoked a bowl. Slow and steady onset takes 10 minutes to reach max affect… which is a pleasant cerebral high, that fades slowly into a sense of content relaxation. Second hit pleasantly reignites the first. Best part? Absolutely zero side effects. No one sense is overwhelmed. No ravenous hunger or falling into a comatose stupor. Relaxing, but uplifting. The second it begins to discipate, you’re thinking about going back for more. I absolutely LOVE this strain!!!

  10. ThatKydd420 (verified owner)

    For the price we pay, Green Crack has become our filler. Its great outdoors, smells and tastes pretty good. Comes packaged nicely and even get some goodies on the side

  11. ROBERT RONDEAU (verified owner)

    I’m not a connoisseur. This is good outdoor organic bud. For me, why pay more??? It came packaged well, and was delivered quickly. What more could I want? Maybe dancing girls? It didn’t come with them.

  12. Augusta Willis-Blackbird (verified owner)

    Good batch of green for an awesome price! Love sativa and this one hit the spot, it will not disappoint.

  13. Johnybefine (verified owner)

    Awesome sativa hits quick
    Excellent product especially for the price
    Great honest company I’m happy

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