CITRIQUE – Hybrid (AA+)
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CITRIQUE – Hybrid (AA+)


THC: 27%

CBD: 1%

(6 customer reviews)
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CITRIQUE - Hybrid (AA+) - 1 G

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CITRIQUE - Hybrid (AA+) - 3.5 G

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CITRIQUE - Hybrid (AA+) - 7 G

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CITRIQUE - Hybrid (AA+) - 14 G

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CITRIQUE - Hybrid (AA+) - 1 OZ

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Buy Citrique Strain Online

If a smoker or marijuana consumer seeks a floral fragrance with a twist of citrus taste, then he or she should buy citrique strain. It is the perfect blend of lemon notes, earthy fragrance, and refreshing vibes. The fluffy grape-like shape with green buds, orange hair, and golden trichome crystals are sure to catch the planters’ attention.

This sativa dominant strain has a ratio of 60% sativa and 40% indica. The 27% of THC is sure to give the user a good high. Unfortunately, information about the parenting cross strains is not available with reliable sources.

Effects– Happy and calming effects are the most usual outcomes of having this citrusy form. However, some may also feel highly creative and active as the upshots of Citrique strain. Sheer jubilance is one of the key highlights here.

Suitability– Searchers of critique strain Canada will be able to alleviate stress and improve their energy levels. Performers who need to focus more on an assignment or other tasks may also find it a useful strain. Depression, arthritis, cramps, and other bodily pains may also get better.

Dosage– There is not much chatter even on the internet regarding critique strain. Hence, it will be wise for every individual to take smaller quantities and observe the effects before going surplus.

Effects: Relaxed, Sleepy, Happy, Euphoric and Hungry.

Medical: Insomnia, Pain, Stress, Depression and Lack of Appetite.

Flavours: Lime, Sour, Citrus and Lemon.

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1 G, 3.5 G, 7 G, 14 G, 1 OZ

6 reviews for CITRIQUE - Hybrid (AA+)


6 reviews for CITRIQUE – Hybrid (AA+)

  1. Adam

    It was a little too strong for me. Still, it’s clearly an excellent strain, just not to my personal taste.

  2. Tammi Hinds

    The smell reminds me of Moby Dick. The taste as well. Citrique is amazing strain.

  3. Harold

    Agree with Angela, Very energetic, and uplifting.

  4. N aslerahikh

    Great Sanboola

  5. Angela

    Great flavor very uplifting and happy feelings like its names says very citrique flavor love this strain.

  6. Arthur

    Very good smoke. It’s Sativa dominant so it’s a good daytime high. I will definitely buy this again.

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