Erika Rhein August 12, 2022

What Does Weed Do To Your Brain?

Marijuana, also known as, weed, cannabis, pot, grass, etc. comes from the cannabis plant which has many different chemicals that vary in amounts. It all depends on the strain and how it is grown. People can smoke, vape, drink and eat different types of cannabis products. While most individuals use marijuana for enjoyment, pleasure, and mental peace, others use it for medicinal benefits. Before you shop, you need to know the impacts of cannabis products on the human mind and body, specifically the brain.

How the cannabis plant affects the brain

If the THC content is higher, the weed is more intoxicating. As per a study, the changing cultivation method might have contributed to the scenario where THC content goes through the roof while the amounts of CBD along with other constituents may have gone down. The ratio of THC to other components affects how cannabis affects the body and the brain.

How it actually works

Endocannabinoid system

Cannabis interacts with the endocannabinoid system of the human body. This system is composed of chemicals as well as receptors located throughout the body. Marijuana contains mind-altering compounds which can go on to affect the human mind and body. By consuming the same, one can get high. The main psychoactive component, THC, actually stimulates the part of the brain which usually responds to food, enjoyment, pleasure, mood, and emotions. A chemical known as dopamine is unleashed which could give one a relaxing and euphoric feeling.

How it is consumed

When a person drinks or eats pot, it usually takes many hours to fully sober up. On the other side, when an individual vapes or smokes weed, THC might get into his bloodstream quickly in just minutes or seconds. It is advisable to thoroughly understand how potent your recreational marijuana may be to make the appropriate use. Marijuana products might also ease one’s pain and other symptoms. According to a study, some marijuana products may help one to get relief from sleep problems, nausea, chronic pain, anxiety, stiff muscles, etc.

Body chemistry differs

It should be made known that the short-term effects of cannabis vary. Well, the biological processes occur in everyone’s body and mind after consuming cannabis products. These processes may make people feel differently. While some users might get paranoid, others simply do not experience such things at all. It all depends on the history of previous use, individual body chemistry as well as metabolism. It also depends on the product type.

Over and above, the short-term effects of marijuana on the brain include an immediate impact on attention, memory, coordination, thinking, time perception, and movement. On the other side, long-term effects on the brain may include an impact on problem-solving skills, behavior, memory, and attention. When a person starts marijuana at a very young age, it might affect how his brain develops connections for different functions. The way it affects the body and mind includes the amount of THC, and CBD, how often it is used, the age of the user, and other substances.

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