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What Are The Best Hashish in the World?

Being a concentrated form of cannabis, Hashish is an integral part of different cultures for centuries now. It has deep historical roots. It has been a popular subject of fascination. The evolution has resulted in different hash types with each having its own unique characteristics and production methods. Hashish has been popular for its effects of relaxation and exploration. It has been an important part of social gatherings. This is a comprehensive guide on different types of Hashish with each carrying unique flavors, taste, experience and appearance. To buy premium quality cannabis products including hashish, edibles, extracts, etc. visit our shop page.

Find The Best Hashish In The World

1. Afghan Hash

This is indica cannabis which is native of Afghanistan. It grows in a wild manner almost everywhere around the country. The people of Afghan have been using cannabis for many centuries now. Known as chars in Afghanistan, its production process remains very intricate and unique. This type can be harsh on the throat. It is also spicy in a distinct way. Afghan Hash produces a strong stone that can make person glued to the couch for several hours.

2. Charas

Originating from India, even this cannabis grows wildly through various parts of Pakistan, India and the Himalayas. It is not only used medicinally but also spiritually and industrially for many years. The special thing about this hashish is that live cannabis is used to make it. The hash is soft and creamy, lighter brown or green on the inside. Charas carries a spicy flavour and distinctive aroma. It is very potent. It can produce deep and physical relaxation.

3. Kashmiri Hash

This hashish is spicier, aromatic and is a good option for harsh smoker. Kashmiri hash is more potent. It can produce a strong physical stone. It is mainly renowned for its opium and hash.

4. Lebanese Hashish

Lebanon produces a significant amount of hash. It also exports great number annually. The cannabis plants are dried out in open fields before they are cut down. They take reddish, brown or yellow colour. After the drying process, kief is created and pressed to achieve thick slabs of brittle hash with red or yellow colour. You can order Lebanese hash from our website and get fast shipping Canada wide.

5. Manali Hash

Manali is known for its hashish. It is one of the oldest Indian villages. Growing and processing cannabis is among its main income source. Its hash is known as Manali Cream, it is a delicacy in India and also across borders. The making process of Manali Cream is similar to charas. Live cannabis buds are rubbed between hands in order to create a thick resin. The flavor and aroma are unique.

6. Moroccan Hash

Morocco has cultivated cannabis for centuries. It is popular for its hash which is created by beating dried cannabis branches so as to separate trichomes and thus create kief, which is then heated and pressed in a repetitive manner to form bricks. This type resembles chocolate, it is hard and brittle. On the other side, Moroccan pollen hash is softer. The Moroccan hash of premium quality is smooth and aromatic. It produces uplifting high. It has mild concentrations of THC.

7. Nepalese Hash

Nepalese Hash is creamy and sticky with spicy aroma. It gives you smooth smoke and bold flavour. Even this hashish is very potent. It produces strong body stone. It is a popular delicacy at Amsterdam coffee shops.

Today cannabis is available in wide variety. It is advisable to know each type, especially its key components and effects it leaves on human mind and body to make sure you have the safest and the most enjoyable cannabis experience every time.

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