Robert Malave February 12, 2024

How Different Strains Give You Different Highs?

Different types of strains can produce different experiences or high for a person. Be it for medicinal purpose or recreational purpose, the cannabis experience may significantly depend on the type of strain that you consume. While some buds could make one feel absolutely immobilized and even couch-locked after a few hits, others can result in the opposite effects where a person might feel completely energized and creative. Well, these unpredictable highs have reasons. Explore them today before you start your cannabis experience with a trusted online dispensary BudsAndBeyond which specializes in offering some of the best cannabis strains, powerful extracts, edibles and more, tested for purity and quality.

Different types of weed highs

When we use the term high, it means intoxicating effects of cannabis that contain THC cannabinoid. They lead to body highs and head highs. These are two key categories. Understanding the difference between body high and head high is important to make sure your cannabis experience remains pleasing, safe and positive for you.

Body High: A body high is a physical experience which often comes with decreased motivation and intense feelings associated with sedation. Individuals who experience body high might describe feeling absolutely relaxed, heavy or drowsy.

Head High: Head high is less about physical experience and more about cerebral effects. Here, people can experience euphoria and increased creativity. One might also feel energized the whole time.

Effects of indica vs sativa vs hybrid

Today, cannabis users believe that different effects of weed result from the distinction between sativa and indica strains. Even if you explore typical cannabis dispensary online, there are high chances that the products have been separated based on this distinction.

Conventionally, indica can produce a body high. On the other hand, sativa may produce a head high. Nevertheless, the scientific evidence hardly exists to indicate the major chemical difference between sativa, indica and hybrid strains of kush. The difference is all about the cosmetic one. The difference in visuals among them can affect bud’s shelf appeal. Its role on the psychoactive effects is slight. Besides, there have been decades of commercial hybridization which makes it difficult to find true sativa or indica. According to some researchers, it is not possible to guess the biochemical content of a cannabis plant except with a biochemical assay.

The difference between cannabinoids and terpenes

Cannabinoids and terpenes are actually psychoactive and medicinal compounds that play a large role in determining the effects a person will feel after consuming cannabis. THC and CBD are the prominent cannabinoids. There are other minor cannabinoids also such as THC, CBN, CBG, etc. They interact with the human endocannabinoid systems and affect experiences.

Terpenes, on the other side, are aromatic molecules responsible for fragrances of plants. These small molecules also contain significant therapeutic benefits.  Apart from the terpene and cannabinoid profiles of the strains, other factors such as weight, hormone levels, etc. can impact high. Besides, environmental factors can also affect your cannabis experience.

Choose a trusted online dispensary for quality cannabis products

Find the best cannabis strain that gives you the desired effects. If you have a particular strain in mind that you want to enjoy or want to experiment with different cannabinoid or terpene profiles that work best for you, visit our shop page. BudsandBeyond offers top notch cannabis products in Canada while educating customers about all details related to them. Be it the best weed, strain or other cannabis form, you will explore an extensive collection of premium quality products with health benefits and recreational benefits. We provide the fastest and free delivery for orders that go above $200. For queries, connect with our team.

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