Tonic Sugar Wax
TONIC – Sugar Wax (1g)
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TONIC – Sugar Wax (1g)



1 gram per jar

Nuken (Indica)
TONIC - Sugar Wax (1g) - Nuken (Indica)

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Black Diamond (Indica)
TONIC - Sugar Wax (1g) - Black Diamond (Indica)

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Death Bubba (Indica)
TONIC - Sugar Wax (1g) - Death Bubba (Indica)

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Get TONIC HTFSE Sugar Wax (1G)

High Terpene Full Spectrum Extraction (HTFSE) is highly concentrated cannabis extracts which is extorted from frozen live buds for preserving turps which we all love. These innovative concentrate types are new in the market and they have an aromatic flavour. HTFSE extracts have already become popular among consumers as they are derived from original marihuana strain along with medically consumable compounds like   cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes.

Typically, Full spectrum extracts comprise of two parts – HTFSE and High-Cannabinoid Full-Spectrum Extracts (HCFSE).

HTFSE Positive Effects:

A high terpene extract has a higher terpene count and so, it enures intense effects for consumers as trepenes along with CBD and THC form a formidable combination. Basically, terpenes are aromatic compounds that are volatile in nature but are responsible for maintaining a peculiar scent for every weed strain. Besides, they also have some therapeutic properties and can greatly influence cannabis effect on users. Whether the body high is stimulating or makes the user lean towards sedation might actually depend on the terpene content in HTFSE strain. As a result, excessive consumption can either lead to excitement of senses or even of temporary loss of memory to users.  But the actual benefits that can be experienced with an HTFSE extract may vary depending on the strain from which HTFSE has been derived – more Sativa strain or Indica strain as they both have the capacity to induce different types of sensations

How to take HTFSE?

The best way to take high terpene full spectrum extract is by dabbing as user can get the smoothest and most flavoured smoke. Vaping is close second since it is as much smooth a method to consume HTFSE as dabbing. User can even terp sauce or mix some quantity in joint.


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Black Diamond (Indica), Death Bubba (Indica), Nuken (Indica)

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