SOUR TANGIE – Sativa (A)

THC: 21% – 22%

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SOUR TANGIE - Sativa (A) - 3.5 G

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SOUR TANGIE - Sativa (A) - 1 OZ

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Sour Tangie is a sativa dominant hybrid (80% sativa/20% Indica) strain produced by crossing the East Coast Sour Diesel and Tangie strains. This bud takes after its notoriously delicious parent strains and is as popular as a result.

The aroma of smokedSour Tangie strainbuds is a blend of sour citrus and diesel. Upon inhalation, you’ll notice a tart citrus flavor with an earthy undertone; and on exhalation, you’ll get a strong, pungent diesel aftertaste. 

The buds of Sour Tangie are grape-shaped and have a dark olive green color, but their vivid pink overtones, rich purple hairs, and icy covering of lavender-colored fine crystal trichomes set them apart. The Indica and Sativa effects work together to create the unique high of Sour Tangie, which has an average THC content of 22%.  

The initial phase of the high can be described by an enthusiastic buzzing in the head, followed by a surge of inspired energy and a little sharpening of focus. Some claim that Sour Tangie’s benefits are so well-rounded that it can cure anything from chronic weariness to mild to moderate depression, constant pain, and muscular spasms.

Effects of Sour Tangie Strain Sativa

Sour Tangie, like other primarily sativa strains, produces its effects rapidly. A head rush, accompanied by a heightened pulse around the temples and flushing in the cheeks, are the first indicators of the strain taking effect. After a few minutes, consumers no longer experience the peculiar feelings and are fully engaged in a heightened state of mind characterized by greater concentration levels.

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1 reviews for SOUR TANGIE - Sativa (A)


1 review for SOUR TANGIE – Sativa (A)

  1. Tony Gomez (verified owner)

    At this price, what a treat! Enjoyed as a daytime work smoke; was a smooth smoke, uplifting high, without a crash once I came down. 10/10, would purchase again!

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