MOTA – Sugar Free Jelly (120mg THC)

15mg THC per piece

8 pieces per bag

120mg THC per bag

Watermelon Jelly
MOTA - Sugar Free Jelly (120mg THC) - Watermelon Jelly

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Tropical Jelly
MOTA - Sugar Free Jelly (120mg THC) - Tropical Jelly

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Citrus Jelly
MOTA - Sugar Free Jelly (120mg THC) - Citrus Jelly

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Cherry Jelly
MOTA - Sugar Free Jelly (120mg THC) - Cherry Jelly

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Buy MOTA Sugar Free Jelly (120mg THC) Online

If you are looking for cannabis candies but need a sugar-free option, the mota sugar-free jelly 120mg THC. These cannabis edibles are the perfect choice for people with diabetes.

Get instant relief from depression, anxiety, and stress. Experience a happy, relaxed, and euphoric mood with these sugar-free jellies that are made from scratch.

A bag of mota sugar-free THC gummies has a total of 120 mg, with eight jellies each weighing 15 mg. These jumbo-lego block-shaped jellies are infused with cannabis oil and can be used by both low and high-tolerance patients.

You can start at a low level and find a dose that works best for you. Gelatin, Lactic Acid, Aspartame, Coconut Oil, Agave Powder, Maltitol, Natural and Artificial Flavors and Colours, Corn Starch, and Cannabis are some ingredients found in mota sugar-free jelly. Each dose of this jelly guarantees full-body euphoria.

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Cherry Jelly, Citrus Jelly, Tropical Jelly, Watermelon Jelly

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