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MENDO BREATH - Indica (AAA) - 14 G

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What Is The Mendo Breath Strain?

Mendo Breath is an amalgamation of OGKB, OGKushBreath, the presumed leader in the Cookies Fam genetics, and Mendo Montage. This concoction has resulted in a by-product that possesses thick concentrated buds that have the distinctive aroma of delicious vanilla and caramel. Although it has a sweet and delectable scent, the after-effects can be quite adverse, which is why it is suggested that the consumption happens after busy work hours.

It is not convenient or easy to grow this strain at homes, but if you are able to find this strain, consider yourself lucky! This strain is preferred for night time consumption as the aftereffect is very high and will help in relieving worries and stress, and lull you into falling asleep.

  • This Indica flame achieved this popularity for its high flavour profile
  • It is not easy to get your hands on this strain
  • It comes in two addictive and delicious flavours of caramel and vanilla
  • It is mostly used in a flower vape and it is better to enjoy it that way to get the best results
  • This is the right strain for alleviating body pain, sleeplessness, and worries

Medical Benefits Of Mendo Breath

The THC concentration is pretty high in Mendo Breath, sometimes even reaching as high as 20% of the psychoactive effect. The aftereffects might be overwhelming for a few, but it will be of great use to treat patients who require stronger pain relief.

  • The medical patients who use cannabis highly recommend this strain for dealing with body aches, muscle pains and sleeplessness. Because of its soothing and relaxing effects, it is suggested that it be consumed in the evenings or late afternoons.
  • The hemp also possesses the ability to diminish anxiety and stress levels.
  • This strain also helps in regaining appetite.

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1 G, 3.5 G, 7 G, 14 G, 1 OZ

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