TEMPLE TEA – Lemon Sencha THC Tea



12 servings per pack

120mg THC & 20mg CBD per pack

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This fragrant temple tea lemon sencha THC tea blend alleviates stress, pains, and aches, and delivers a calculated dosage of cannabis medication. Struggling with aches and stresses is a thing of the past now with this cannabis edible from Mota Edibles.

Notes of lemongrass and peppermint deliver a refreshing taste and fragrance while infusing ginger and calculated amounts of CBD battle discomfort. Cannabis edibles can be easily consumed owing to the Mota Edibles teas and infusions.

Whether you are nauseous or anxious, this organic blend provides you with euphoric vibes that alleviate anxiety. You can find several tea enthusiasts that believe nothing beats a hot cup of tea when looking for detoxifying comfort. The comfort-inducing qualities of this lemon sencha cannabis tea make it natural for measured-dose THC cannabis medication.

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