MOTA – Dweebs (125mg THC)



125mg THC per pack

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Buy MOTA – Dweebs (125mg THC) Online From Budsandbeyond

If you are thinking of consuming THC to relieve pain, lack of appetite, or nausea, try MOTA Medicated Dweebs 125mg THC. These rainbow treats in delicious flavors help you start with micro-dosing and increase the dosage when you are more comfortable.

Not only are MOTA Dweebs THC Candies edible, but they are also a safer option compared to smoking cannabis. You don’t suffer from the side effects of smoking cannabis like breathing problems, lung irritation, chest pain, or headaches.

Unlike smoking which affects you instantly, MOTA Dweebs Cannabis-Infused Edibles take around 30 minutes to 2 hours to start working. The time taken to digest THC would depend on metabolism, THC tolerance, sex, weight, and food in the stomach.

The effects of MOTA Medicated Dweebs last 6 to 8 hours, which is much longer compared to smoking cannabis.  Convenience and lack of odor make dweeb more popular.

2 reviews for MOTA - Dweebs (125mg THC)


2 reviews for MOTA – Dweebs (125mg THC)

  1. Arthur

    I am a cancer survivor and have had many surgeries. I have found that MOTA Medicated Dweebs has helped me get through some of the worst days. These little candies are easy to carry around in your bag or pocket, making it so convenient.

  2. Emily

    I have a sour tooth and these always satisfy. Whenever I am feeling down or happy, these are a sure way to lift my mood.

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