Robert Malave October 6, 2022

How Long Shall You Wait To Drive After Consuming Cannabis?

Today, the popularity of cannabis products has increased due to the tremendous benefits they offer to the users.

Cannabis is obtained from the plant of cannabis which consists of cannabinoids that affect cell receptors in the body, specifically in the brain. There is a science behind how these cells communicate with each other. Among many, the most significant cannabinoid could be THC; it is considered to be responsible for the intoxicating effects of cannabis. The world of cannabis has evolved profoundly; it presents a wide variety of products that help users to experience desired effects.

The THC potency too might have increased during recent years. As a responsible buyer, everybody should make sure to check the content of THC before buying the product to know what he or she is getting. There is one more widely recognized cannabinoid – cannabidiol, abbreviated as CBD. Now, it is interesting learn that this substance does not cause intoxicating effects. According to several pieces of evidence, CBD may lower a few effects caused by THC on the human mind.

Effects of cannabis

Cannabinoid receptors affect the regulation of various bodily functions including but not be limited to, the brain and nervous system, heart rate, blood pressure, immune system, digestion, perception of pain, stress regulation, etc. The effects of cannabis products might include relaxation, high, euphoria, elevated sensory experience, etc. So, a question arises “is it safe to drive while high?”

When should you drive after use cannabis?

Cannabis affects one’s ability to drive a vehicle. The products might reduce one’s alertness, and adversely affect concentration span. Apart from this, cannabis might also affect motor skills as well as visual functions. While it is often believed that drivers, after cannabis consumption, might turn out to be more cautious, reduced concentration is one of the effects of cannabis and therefore, it is risky to drive while you are on high.

How long shall a person wait to drive?

Well, the exact number of hours one should wait may depend on the type of product consumed, its potency, the quantity consumed, the rate of dissipation, etc. According to some experts, it may be advisable to wait for four to six hours after using cannabis before one goes on to drive. However, some circumstances may require persons to have a longer wait time. Isn’t it safe to completely avoid driving while being affected by cannabis? Well, the real enjoyment of desired effects caused by cannabis is meaningful as long as it does not adversely pose a risk to one’s life.

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