Robert Malave September 23, 2022

How Long Do the Effects of Cannabis Last?

Different methods of cannabis consumption can alter how long the effects last. Also, the length of the effects depends on various other factors. Here is your comprehensive guide. Before you buy cannabis products from the best marijuana dispensary online, it is advisable to obtain knowledge about how cannabis affects human mind and body, and for how long.

Do the effects last for a long time?

THC percentage, the type of weed consumed, the amount of weed consumed, how it is taken, etc. are major factors which impact how long a person will feel the effects. Apart from this, individual aspects such as weight, height, medical history, body’s immune system, etc. also dictate the duration of effects. Factors such as one’s tolerance, metabolism, age, etc. will also influence the length of effects.


The more concentrated the THC one consumes with cannabis product, the stronger the effects will be and the longer the high is likely to last. The effects of smoked THC are usually instant. The average cannabis strain may have around 15 and 20% of THC. However, some products offer nearly 25 to 30% THC concentration. It is advisable to understand the amount of THC in your cannabis products to realize what to expect.

The quantity or amount

The amount of cannabis consumed will certainly affect the length of the high. While one bowl of weed with specific THC percentage may leave effects that last for a while, smoking blunt after blunt of cannabis with moderate strength or potency might make one feel higher. The effects last longer here.

Consumption method

Smoking cannabis – The total effects generally last for nearly thirty to sixty minutes. However, the exact duration depends on different variables.

EdiblesEdible cannabis products might take up one hour to take effects which can last between four to six hours, depending on the product.

Sublingual – This method requires a person to place a cannabinoid-infused oil under the tongue which he will keep holding it for some time. THC molecules diffuse under the tongue. This method allows cannabis to have immediate access to the bloodstream. The duration of effects can be similar to that of smoking or vaping.


There is a difference between how novice and experienced cannabis users feel about consuming cannabis. The novice user may feel much higher for a longer period of time while the other one may experience a shorter length of effects and might even ask for another hit after a few minutes. With experience, people develop a tolerance to THC which novice users are yet to develop.


It is all about the chemical process in the human body which burns calories and uses energy. A cannabis user with faster metabolism may be able to clear THC from his system quicker than a person who has developed a slower metabolic process.

Apart from this, age, weight, and height are some of the significant factors which affect how long the effects of cannabis consumption will last. To remain a responsible user, one should learn how to use cannabis safely and also gain some understanding of cannabis addiction. Moderation in cannabis use is what one should aim for.

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