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How to Smoke Cannabis : a Beginner Guide on Strain

Cannabis is one of the most polarizing items on the planet. From its legality to benefits, the supplement sparks numerous discussions. Even its fundamental property, smoking, has people scratching their heads.

Be it your first time or the 100th, looking for the best way to smoke a blunt is viable. There are as many ways to smoke marijuana as there are opinions about it. Methods like vaping, bongs, joints dabbing, etc., are the most popular ones, but smokers keep trying out new ways.

But what is the safest way to get high among the lot? Simply put, there is no “totally safe” way, even with the purest material. Since cannabis holds carcinogens and toxins, similar to tobacco, it can cause harm.

However, some methods are relatively safer. The information can be daunting but don’t falter. As long as you comprehend the given information, even a beginner can learn how to take weed properly.

How to Smoke Marijuana: The Fundamentals

While there are numerous ways to intake cannabis, eating it via brownies is the least suggested. It can cause longer effects, hindering other activities. On that note, here is the ideal consumption method for beginners:

Consuming Weed as a Beginner

Since dabbing is one of the latest weed consumption methods in the circuit, beginners should refrain from using it. Thus, the best way to smoke a blunt for beginners is either vaping or smoking. Both methods allow moderating the intake amount, with smoking being the OG method.

Smoking can be done by preparing a joint or using a bong. The former is the more preferred option as bongs ooze off an intense hit.

If you merely want a mild experience, vaping is the go-to option. It is more manageable, making it viable for beginners.

Choosing the Strain

Choosing the strain is another difficult choice to make, especially as a novice. The sheer alternatives can be overwhelming. To start things, opt for either Sativa or Indica counterparts.

A Sativa-dominant strain offers a creative, focus-intensive, and upbeat experience. Contrarily, an Indica-dominant strain provides sedative and appetite-stimulating effects.

The safest way to get high is to buy a reliable strain. So users are recommended to only opt for renowned stores like BudsandBeyond to purchase any cannabis-related product.

Choosing the Right Dosage

If it’s your first time smoking a joint, keep the inhalations to two. Wait 15-20 minutes before continuing as you can face intense effects over time. Don’t force yourself to finish the joint, as it can be smoked later.

How to Light a Joint

Here is a step-by-step guide to light a joint and how to inhale properly:

  1. Start by flaming the tip while rotating the joint.
  2. Create a cherry at the joint’s tip. 
  3. It can be reignited, but it should ooze even smoking.
  4. Avoid inhaling during the ignition process.

Closing Thoughts

Smoking cannabis can be a confusing process, especially if you’re new to the process. However, there are some ideal ways to smoke marijuana. The article has specified every detail to help beginners create the best smoking experience.

Ensure to follow proper smoking etiquette if you are in a group. Try to limit the buying process to stores like BudsandBeyond and uses the mentioned information for an exquisite smoking experience.

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