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What Is Live Resin and How Is It Made?

In recent times, live resin has become extremely popular among cannabis enthusiasts and for a good reason. What is live resin, exactly? Live resin is a cannabis concentrate that is known for its natural flavours and high natural cannabinoid content.

The product is often marketed as live resin sauce or live resin wax, but in fact, it is a malleable concentrate that is somewhere between the two in terms of consistency and texture. It usually is dark yellow and is extremely sticky. Depending on the manufacturer, the texture of the live resin may vary. 

How is Live Resin Made?

When one understands how live resin is made, it becomes easy to appreciate why it enjoys so much popularity in the cannabis world. Usually, manufacturing cannabis concentrates involves drying and curing at high levels of heat that strip the natural terpene content of the product that drastically reduces flavour and aroma. 

With live resin, the freshly harvested cannabis plants are frozen to subcritical temperatures before and during the entire extraction process. The solvents used for extraction are also cooled to much lower temperatures than usual. The drying and curing phases that involve exposure to heat, light and oxygen that cause deterioration of flavour and terpene content are avoided altogether. 

This technique of maintaining low temperatures throughout the manufacturing process ensures that the end product retains much of the terpene profile, aroma and flavour, which makes it an instant favourite of those who consume it. 


Like most other cannabis concentrates, the best way to consume live resin wax is through a dab rig or a dab pen designed to allow users to vape the product. In comparison to these two methods, smoking live resin through a bowl or a joint may be wasteful since exposure to high temperatures while burning often breaks down the terpene content of the product, which is the primary difference between live resin and other concentrates. 

The amplified flavour, aroma, and essence that live resin offers makes it extremely sought after by users worldwide. If you wish to explore some of the best live resin products in the market, visit the Budsandbeyond website today!

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