Alan Baker September 14, 2021

How to Make Your THC and CBD Oil Cartridges Last Longer?

You want them to last longer when spending your money on the best THC and CBD Oil cartridges. To receive its full benefits, it’s important to know the factors contributing to less cartridge longevity.

The poor-quality vape will naturally give poor results. Hence, quick absorption is possible with the best quality cartridges used in the right manner. Let’s take a look at some of the good tips in storing CBD oil cartridges longer.

Want to make the CBD oil cartridges last longer? Follow these simple tips!

  1. Remember the simple inhaling exercise? Well, while smoking weed, try taking a deep breath and absorbing the goodness of weed into your lungs. The deeper it goes, the longer it shall stay. The vapor shouldn’t sit in your mouth’s lining. Rather, you should feel it going inside. A good quality vape will absorb quickly and bring longer results.
  2. It’s not recommended to use CBD oil all the time. Instead, try smoking vape flower once in a while. Switching between these two options helps in balancing an individual’s tolerance towards the product. This also helps in better absorption of the oil or flower during your next consumption.
  3. The THC and CBD vaping temperature needs proper regulation. Higher temperature is not a good idea, as it produces more vapor and very little gets absorbed into the lungs. A moderate temperature is accurate. The oil hits at the perfect place and gives you the right feel.
  4. Once you are done smoking, it’s important to cool off the cartridges and store them in a cool place. Avoid the direct sun for storing the cartridges.

Additionally, make sure that you are switching off the pen, not using it. If you want the cartridges to last longer, purchase a good battery set. By adopting these techniques, you can get the best from your cartridges and use them longer.

The right way to store your THC and CBD oil:

Storing your cartridges without letting m go of their smell is important. The most common method to store your cartridges for a longer period is to avoid exposure to the hot sun. UV rays can destroy the flavor of the weed and reduce its effectiveness.

Hence, always store your cartridges in a cool place. Plus, the temperature should be around 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The place should also have a free flow of air to avoid deterioration of the cannabis.

Make your cartridges last longer than usual!

It’s recommended to store your cartridges in a glass container and not a plastic one. It should also be airtight free from moisture. Freezing of cannabis isn’t recommended as it results in loss of plant nutrients and quality!

The best way to store your cannabis and THC cartridges is in a ziplock or airtight. It may last up to 12 months when fully protected from direct heat. However, when storing the edibles, try consuming them within the expiry date!

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