Robert Malave August 23, 2022

How To Roll A Cone Joint

Cones may burn more evenly. Besides, they might pull better than a straight joint.  Rolling a cone joint is a popular cannabis consumption method that novice and experienced users both like. The option is absolutely shareable, portable, and user-friendly. Here are step-by-step instructions for rolling a perfect cone, before you go on to buy the right products from the best cannabis dispensary online.

What You Need?

First, you need to have everything you need to make your cannabis experience the most enjoyable and safer. You will choose your favorite cannabis strain and have everything ready such as dry herbs, your favorite rolling paper, a filter tip or a crutch, a grinder, etc.


You can use a coffee grinder or pair of scissors to grin your cannabis. Make sure you get a fine consistency.


If you do not have a rolling paper that comes with built-in filter tips, you will have to cut a narrow strip using a card or thick paper. You can then roll it into a spiral shape. There should be a similarity between the narrow end of your joint and the thickness of the filter.

Fold the paper

You need to get this step right; it is very important. As rolling papers come pre-folded, it might be a little harder to make it the right shape. You need to re-fold the paper, adjust it in a way that allows one end to touch the tip of the other side, and the other ends will cover the area of the filter. Appropriate folding is vital to make your cannabis experience perfect.

Fill cannabis

Now you can add finely ground cannabis into the paper which you have just folded. Here, it is very important to distribute the weed in a cone shape. Until weed forms a cone shape, you will require rolling it back and forth with fingers.

Roll up

Start tucking the paper so as to wrap it tightly around the filter. Complete this process gently. Now, you will seal the joint and then twist the open end closed. Light a cone joint up and enjoy.  The gentleness, precision, and patience with which you handle the whole process of rolling a cone joint play a significant role.

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