Robert Malave February 1, 2022

How To Keep Weed Fresh?

Appropriate weed storage is a must for the users who want their cannabis products to last longer while maintaining their original quality. Notably, the methods of storage to be employed play a significant part in the potency and flavour of weed. Improper weed or dry herb storage reduces the quality of product eventually ruining the experience you always want to have with weed. It is important to understand the balanced environment which will keep your buds fluffy, aromatic and potent. This comprehensive guide will elucidate how to keep weed fresh or what methods can be used to make sure the quality, taste and flavour are not adversely affected.

Everything You Must Know About How To Keep An Ounce Fresh. Important Tips To Be Followed:

  1. Hot temperatures often cause cannabis products to dry out. Terpenes may even begin to evaporate. The products should not be stored near water system, heater system and elsewhere with easy access to heat. Besides, extremely freezing temperatures must be avoided too so as to prevent the delicate trichomes from bursting out. A dark corner, closet or drawer will fulfill requirements.
  2. It is advisable to keep it dark. UV light might break down the cannabinoids and terpenes in your bud. Hence, a container to store weed must be kept in a dark place.
  3. Exposure to excessive moisture too can be harmful; it causes degradation of the cannabis and terpenes. It is important to maintain proper humidity levels. Hence, one should avoid storing cannabis in the refrigerator.
  4. Weed storage or weed curing container should be clean and free from dirt. Metal or plastic containers should be avoided because the material can adversely affect the flavour and aroma after some time. Your best option is a glass jar.

Typically, cannabis-infused products which are more likely to degrade, such as edibles, etc. have their own guidelines with respect to storage, maintenance, expiration date, etc. Like edibles, concentrates and tinctures may also degrade earlier if they have inappropriate access to heat, light and humidity. Therefore, adherence to strict storage guidelines is imperative to make sure your product remains fresh to give you a perfect high.

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